Kendell Killian

                                               is our resident Puppy Corraller! Oh and she takes Photos too :-) Kendell lives here in Southern Alberta and she has mastered the Art of Canine Photography. Every Litter of Puppies born here at the ALTA Farm gets captured by her camera and their future families get photos to treasure forever. The working relationship with Kendell has lasted for close to 10 years and we look forward to MANY MORE Litters in the future.

                                                    has been a friend of Val's for the past 15 years. Whether it be through horses or dogs, Laura has been a trustworthy friend and confidant. She is always there for support and to lend a hand with the horses and the Kennel if Val is on the road. Her husband Shane has an immense talent with Equine and Canine Therapy. He is very calm and patient with all animals, which as most Aussie Lovers know, Is'nt easy!

Laura Bullock

Over the Past 10 Years we have several Products that have become our favorites.  

Pure Paws in San Antonio Texas has, in our opinion, the Best Dog Shampoo.  Here in Alberta, our climate is very dry and we like to keep our dogs skin hydrated and Pure Paws H20 Shampoo does the job! They have several different formulated shampoos for different climates so check them out!

Steve Guitron at Custom Braiding makes by far our favorite show lead. Beautiful hand crafted braided Kangaroo Hide leads in a variety of colors! He is located in California and will ship. If you need a lead for a show, give him a call and see what he has available. He also carries Chains. You wont be dissapointed!

ALTA Miniature American Shepherds